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Through our work investing in and developing game-changing projects, as well as advising leaders bringing new communities into the space, we're steadily but surely making the decentralized web accessible to all. By cultivating collaboration at every level, we're ushering in a future where users truly own and control their digital identities and data in an open and inclusive ecosystem.


A DeFi-focused EVM-compatible Layer 1 built on the Cosmos SDK and powered by Proof of Liquidity Consensus


Building a shared sequencer network leveraging Solana


A customizable rollup provider that is compatible with multiple layer-1 blockchains


One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange and bank based in US


A modular blockchain network whose goal is to build a scalable data availability layer enabling the next generation of scalable blockchain architectures

Aligned Layer

A proof verification layer developed on top of the EigenLayer using restaking and proof aggregation


#1 Blockchain Gaming and NFT Company in Asia


Minecraft on Blockchain with native NFTs being created, owned and monetised


A full stack ecosystem to power the future of Web 3 games


A decentralized, universal message-passing protocol that enables developers and users of cross chain applications to leverage the advantages of multiple ecosystems


An immersive 3D open world where users can create, trade digital assets, and enjoy social interaction

Movement Labs

A modular framework to build and deploy Move-based infrastructure, applications, and blockchains in any distributed environment


A metaverse product of Animoca Brands, where the Mocas are a group of bold and infinitely creative creatures


Next generation protocol designed for dapps, games and NFTs, by Cryptokitties team


A Programmable 3D Multichain Metaverse


An MMORPG game that allows players to earn rewards by shopping and gaming on its open-world metaverse platform


A multi-chain DeFi protocol providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) and DEX-as-a-Service (DaaS)


Galactic Holdings offers a series of digital finance products, including a digital wallet called Trubit, a comprehensive crypto exchange called Mexo, and the stablecoin Moneta Digital.


An MMO strategy game set in a medieval world, combining real-time battles, rich historical fantasy lore, and an intricate lineage system

GM Network (QuestN)

A modular L2 with a strategic focus on establishing a closed-loop ecosystem by integrating DePIN+AI thereby constructing a comprehensive closed-loop system spanning Chain+ID+App


One-stop business financial management solutions for Web 2 and 3 businesses

Conjure Games

A game studio that offers character-driven games immersing players in captivating narratives


Unlocking new possibilities of digital ownership powered by DN404


A blockchain-based chess game announced by Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Lympo to cooperate with chess industry leader Play Magnus Group


A subsidiary of Animoca Brands who is a cutting-edge tech company focused on building the future of the metaverse on the Bitcoin blockchain


High engagement social gaming tokens on Ethereum with 4m MAUs


A multi-chain smart wallet powered by advanced cryptography provding a user experience similar to Web2 applications


Blockchain-based lifestyle points integration platform, co-founded by Korean unicorn Yanolja


A marketplace for digital collectibles and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands

Planet Mojo

A magical and imaginative Web3 gaming metaverse platform being built by an accomplished team of industry veterans

Op Games

Web3 game incubation and distribution platform

Tenth Planet

A game development studio founded by former TikTok gaming members


Next generation SWIFT on blockchain, backed by Stellar Lumen & 6 Fortune 500 companies

RCT Studio

Providing AI solutions to the game industry


Player profile and social platform rewarding gamers across the next generation of games


A platform-agnostic and massively interoperable web3 utility creator

Saakuru (AAG)

Consumer Centric L2 Protocol with Zero Transaction Fees

Gabby World (DN2LIFE)

Gabby World is an AIGC social metaverse for virtual alter egos to socialize in the Web3 world

Conductive research

An engagement platform designed to boost player-lifetime value for games


A Metaverse Real estate IP which constructs Plastic Cyberpunk Chinese suburb in a magical realistic way

6th Man Ventures

A web3 native collective of investors, founders, and builders, partnering with innovators to create the user-owned internet

Folius Ventures

Folius Ventures focuses on investing in, evangelizing, and assisting in the development of Web3 startups, particularly in the APAC region

Lightspeed Fraction Fund

A venture capital firm that invests in consumer, enterprise, technology, and cleantech markets

Alliance DAO

The leading Web3 accelerator and founder community