Driving Mass Adoption of Web3 since 2018,
we incubate and invest in the daring projects of Web3.
Our ecosystem is building tomorrow's product today, ushering in an open, fool-proof digital future.
> Products We Build and Operate
Building the largest on-chain social economy

Modular protocol for SocialFi applications

Web 3 Reddit with true ownership and degen mechanics

Social collaboration network with on-chain credential & reputation

Investment community for crypto enthusiasts

GameFi & Culture
Making Web3 games fun and sustainable

Production partner for mainstream studios

Next-gen casual strategy card game. Web 3 “AFK Arena”

Next-gen 4X game. Web 3 “Rise of Kingdom”

Tokenisation platform democratising fine art

FinTech & Funds
Channeling fresh liquidity into digital assets and web3

Leading allocation platform for family offices and institutions

Venture fund investing across stages and sectors

Venture fund backing founders & GPs in Asia, Africa and Middle East

> Projects We Advised and Accelerated

The leading GameFi ecosystem

The original creator of NFT economy

The leading Metaverse and Web 3 Minecraft

The leading hacker and developer community

The leading Chinese media group in Asia

the Leading Web3 platform in Africa


Backed by prominent families and investors in Asia, we are a global team of 300 serial entrepreneurs, engineers and product managers in their 20s & 30s, with venture partners and sister companies on both sides of the Pacific.

We have built and launched a diverse portfolio of products for the future of digital interaction across use cases. As an early investor and lead advisor, we have also contributed to unicorns and 100+ defining projects such as Dapper Labs (Flow), Animoca Brands, Immutable, The Sandbox, Yuga Labs, Kraken, Lukka, and Upbit.

Facts About Us

Group Employees
We are working with more than 300 employees across ‘six’ different countries. We are diverse and collaborative people who are thrive to build and produce future products.
Incubated Companies
We identify specific market opportunities in each sector and build new ventures from the ground-up.
Unicorns Minted
Our strategic investments foster long-term alliances between incubations and portfolio companies.
Fundrasing and M&A
Unparalleled global capital network led to accelerated growth for our core companies, incubations and portfolio companies
Media Features
Active community influence in both Chinese and English speaking markets aggregated by EVG and its core companies/ projects
Contributing to
the Next Web 3.0 Cycle
Versatile builders with decades of experience.
Since 2018
> Backers of Our Ecosystem