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Our Portfolio


JV with Yeahmobi to demystify crypto investment for everyday people via an app

Aspen Digital

JV with TTB Partners to empower traditional family offices, assets managers & advisory firms with crypto capabilities


Incubated by EVG, to address the growing interests of digital assets in Africa


Tier-1 Blockchain Media in Greater China with 30m pageviews and Co-owner of Asia Blockchain Summit

Venture building

We co-found and seed companies with resourceful groups to address the paradigm shifting opportunities in the blockchain space.


#1 Blockchain Gaming and NFT Company in Asia

Flow / Dapper Labs

Next generation protocol designed for dapps, games and NFTs, by Cryptokitties team


One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange and bank based in US


Minecraft on Blockchain with native NFTs being created, owned and monetised


Building a cross-blockchain ecosystem with the best user experience available


High engagement social gaming tokens on Ethereum with 4m MAUs


Creates Shopify experience on an MMORPG for brands while simultaneously delivers the ultimate metaverse experience for players


World's largest marketplace for digital trading cards and collectibles, backed by Sequoia

OliveX / DOSE

One of the leading gamified fitness developers in the Asia Pacific region


Next generation of Metaverse blockchain game that lets you explore vast alluring worlds with the help of friends - or against various foes


Blockchain-based lifestyle points integration platform, co-founded by Korean unicorn Yanolja


Security token exchange co-founded by ex senior management of HKEX


One of the two licensed digital assets bank in Malaysia, owned by Chinese government


New-Generation Synthetic Assets in DeFi


Build an open digital world, so that everyone can trade, create, and store digital goods freely


First licensed digital assets bank in Switzerland, backed by Julius Baer

ABG Advisory

Ex Tony Blair Associates with office across UK, UAE and the United States


A decentralised risk modelling platform


Next generation SWIFT on blockchain, backed by Stellar Lumen & 6 Fortune 500 companies


1-click Automated Investments & Yield Farming on Solana & Terra


Building THE Play-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn Platforms to Create Economic Freedom Worldwide through the Metaverse


A Metaverse Real estate IP which constructs Plastic Cyberpunk Chinese suburb in a magical realistic way

Yin Finance

Multi-strategy NFT liquidity optimizer

Izumi finance

Provide Programmable Liquidity As A Service on Uniswap V3 and Multi-chains

Idle Mystic

The world's first 3D NFT blockchain game that is bulit on Polygon

Matrix World

A Programmable 3D Multichain Metaverse

Planet Mojo

Blockchain gaming metaverse built by veterans from LucasArts, EA and Activision

Endless Battlefield

A military strategy and exploration sandbox metaverse built on UE engine

Crema Finance

A powerful concentrated liquidity protocol specialized in non-EVM ecosystems


FreshCut is a Web3 gaming community and content ecosystem built for creators and fans


We are the Metakey — a platform-agnostic and massively interoperable web3 utility creator

Klay Kingdoms

Klay Kingdoms is a next-gen GameFi platform, which offers an NFT-based MMORPG game experience coupled with underlying DEX functionalities

Advisory & Investment

We identify and support promising companies with strategic capital

The Future of Millennial Finance and Digital Assets.

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