The Future of Millennial Finance and Digital Assets

Everest Ventures Group (EVG) is a venture studio focusing on millennial finance and digital assets. The HK based company is backed by a consortium of renowned Asian conglomerates, family offices, and business leaders. Led by an international team of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers and internet veterans in their 20s and 30s, EVG has businesses and partners across the United States, Israel, Greater China, Japan, Korea & Southeast Asia.

EVG spun off from AID Partners in 2018, a private equity group known for its cross-border investment with high-profile investors such as Thiel Capital, Softbank, IDG, DFJ, Bill & Melina Gates Foundation, WiL Japan etc.

Core Team & Shareholders
Employees from Affiliated & Sister Companies
Venture Partners & Advisors
Business Partners

What we do


We build platforms to serve the fast growing alternative asset class


We advise star projects that are well-positioned to drive mass adoption 


Despite not being a fund, we make principal investments that align with our vision

Our Strong Backing

We are backed by the key shareholders / stakeholders of 12 powerful conglomerates, families, funds and listed companies across Asia. 

Our Team

Educated in top schools across business, computer science, politics and marketing disciplines.

A team of entrepreneurs, bankers, and internet veterans across Asia and in the US.

Speak 15 different languages.

Raised in 9 different countries.

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and more to come..

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